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Présentation de l’atelier anglais

mardi 6 octobre 2015, par CHOPIN Yves

This year we’ll continue practising our English conversation. When we make an interesting grammatical mistake we’ll study that particular grammatical point, but at this stage of the game there’s not much point in suffering through conjugations, indirect questions, irregular verbs, etc etc. We’ll try to learn what we should say in various situations. The past two years, we’ve had a talkative group so there has been no problem starting and keeping up a conversation. From time to time we have had cooking sessions and learned the secrets of anglo-saxon gastronomy.

Texte de Prudy..... Mais que ceux qui n’auraient pas tout compris le texte ne s’affolent pas .....Ils seront malgré tout les bienvenus.

Ces séances de conversation ont lieu tous les quinze jours, le lundi matin de 10h à 12h

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